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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.  All use and distribution of materials on this website beyond these confines is expressly prohibited.
Update: "From the Board"
Posted on Dec 21st, 2019
The latest communication, "From the Board", can be found under the "Newsletters" heading.
Pruning Schedule - Fall 2019
Posted on Oct 6th, 2019
On Monday, October 14th, Hillenmeyers will begin the Fall trimming of shrubs and trees.  This will include the trimming of smaller shrubs, mainly those in front of units, small trees, and shrubs around air conditioning units.  Larger woody shrubs, such as hydrangeas, viburnums and schipp laurels, will be trimmed separately in a mid-winter pruning.  During the mid-winter trimming (probably sometime in February 2020), roses, grasses and other similar plant material will also be trimmed.

To opt out of the Fall Trimming, either completely or selectively, see "Read More" below.
Annual Meeting Presentation
Posted on Sep 19th, 2019
The Annual Meeting Presentation is posted on the website under the PRESENTATIONS TAB.
The presentation covered topics:
  • How do Traditions Maintenance fees compare to other HOAs?
  • How are the Fees spent?
  • Are Traditions Reserves adequate?
  • Should the Declaration and Bylaws be revised?
Posted on Sep 19th, 2019
The results of the Director Election held September 18, 2019 are:
Michelle Huggins (50 Votes)
Bill Dimon (45 Votes)
Ed Cupolo (44 Votes)
Carol Hood (42 Votes)
Glenn Thonsen (31 Votes)
Dave Boissoneault (30 Votes)

Bulletin Board
CURRENT ITEMS: (click on Bulletin Board under Homeowners to view)
Dog-sitting service (P. Dimon)
Books for Inmates (P. Dimon)

Upcoming Events
Dine Around - January 28th, 2020
Tuesday, January 28th, 5:30 PM social; 6:00 PM dinner at The Chop House, 2640 Richmond Road
The Social Committee invites you to the first social event of 2020. Neighbors get together to visit and enjoy a meal together.  One picks from the Chop House’s varied menu, paying individually for his/her own selection. IMPORTANT: Attendees must RSVP to Dave Williams (272-5395) no later than Monday, January 27 so that the restaurant has an accurate head count and can provide sufficient seating and wait staff for the event.

Letter from the Board
Your Board of Directors has three areas of concern we would like to share with you.
Architectural  Modification  Requests  (AMR)
In order to make any addition or changes to the exterior of your unit, you must submit an AMR form to the Board for approval. This includes pergolas, screen rooms under existing roofs or under pergolas, and sunrooms. Paver patios are approved on a separate form.
The AMR form is available on our website ( and at the CMA office (1795 Alysheba Way, Suite 3103). On the AMR form, you will be asked to supply specifications, floor plans, and elevations. This form also states that required permits must be obtained from LFUCG, Division of Building Inspection. LFUCG regulations specify that the permit may be issued to a licensed contractor, but the OWNER must acknowledge issuance of said permit. In fact, our property and casualty insurer also requires evidence of permit issuance.
Failure to comply with these requirements may have serious consequences for homeowners. The Board of Directors will be compelled to notify the Division of Building Inspection that appropriate permits were not issued. Additionally, insurance compensation may be compromised if your addition was constructed without proper permit acquisition.
Satellite Dishes
Recently, several residents have inquired about the installation of satellite dishes.  These devices may be attached to the chimney or mounted on a pedestal in your yard, but they may NOT be attached to the roof.  Damage to the roof is a legitimate HOA concern (meaning, of course, all of us would pay).
Big Trucks
Since our blacktop lanes are narrow, their use by oversize vehicles causes problems. Turf damage from tires treading on grass, two-way traffic issues, physical damage to the blacktop surface, and bumping into residence structures have all occurred in the past, especially in areas of all three Phases where multiple turns must be negotiated.
If you expect delivery of large items such as appliances or furniture, please ask your seller/deliverer to use a small truck if possible, or park in the entrance cul-de-sac and use a dolly or hand truck to reach your home.
As always, we strive to spend money wisely and protect property values. Please feel free to contact any Board member for questions or clarification concerning this notice.
Tradition Board of Directors

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