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Posted on Feb 23rd, 2017

The calendar may say February but the thermometer says it looks like an early spring in Lexington.  It will not be too much longer before all of our landscaping will begin to emerge out of its winter siesta.  That makes it a good time to review the association's Landscaping Policy.   
All landscape material at The Traditions falls into one of the five categories below:
1. Shrubs and trees which were planted as foundation plantings around each homeowner’s unit as designated in the original landscape plan. These plants will be maintained and replaced at the Home Owners’ Association (HOA) expense.*
2. Shrubs and trees which were planted by an agent of Atchison-Heller or privately contracted as an upgrade paid by the homeowner at the time of purchase or a part of a resident’s later upgrade. These will be maintained by the HOA but any replacement of these upgraded shrubs or trees will be at the homeowner’s expense.
3. Shrubs and trees planted by homeowner, whether the plantings are to be in the common area or at the foundation, REQUIRE APPLICATION TO AND APPROVAL OF the Landscape Committee. The application must include the location, quantity and type (including specific variety). The application is available at the Management office (or our website) and should be returned to the office when completed. Some plants are not appropriate (i.e., mature size poses potential damage to buildings or paved surfaces) or suited to the soil/climate of our area; hence the reason for the review. Most of these plantings will be maintained by the HOA; however, residents who have installed extensive planting beds (outside original mulch bed perimeters) shall be responsible for maintaining and replacing them.
Note: Small annual and perennial plants planted by the homeowner in the mulch area at the base of the home do not require prior application/approval.
4. Shrubs, trees, screen plantings in common areas and all three Phase entries, including those purchased and planted at homeowners’ expense, will be maintained but only replaced at the discretion of the HOA.*
5. Street trees. In the event an owner wishes to purchase and plant a street tree:
1) The tree purchaser acknowledges that the HOA will prune the tree, as necessary, with or without the resident’s permission.
2) The tree should be a red maple (or similar specimen) and must be planted no closer than 25 feet from the next tree and 12½ feet from any driveway.
* Based on cost, availability, and chance for long-term healthy growth, the size of replacement material will be determined by the Landscape Committee. An owner may privately pay the difference for a larger tree/shrub than the HOA prefers. If the plant material dies after the warranty period expires, the HOA will replace it according to the policy in #1 and #4 above, with no opportunity for the owner to arrange for a larger specimen.
Please continue to direct concerns and service requests to Tom Richards at CMA, either by email to a or call 263-8757 ext 204.
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