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Posted on Jul 3rd, 2019

"From the Board"
In the spring of 2018, while preparing to utilize a substantial grant from the Corridors Commission to construct the fence beside Richmond Road, we discovered that the property there actually belonged to Commonwealth Development Company (John Barlow).  We already knew that our two detention basins belonged to Barlow.  Subsequently, we also found that there were six additional pieces of property that were owned by others:  two by Atchison Heller and four by Barlow.  On advice of our attorney, and after consultation with Atchison Heller, we acquired possession of all eight pieces of property at no cost to us, except for legal fees.  We had already been maintaining most of the referenced property, none of which can be used for anything other than as common areas.
In keeping with the regulations of the LFUCG’s Department of Environmental Quality, which conducts semiannual inspections of detention basins in Lexington, we share maintenance responsibilities with that department.  If you are interested in learning more about these shared obligations, you may go to their website.  Because we believe, not only in following the law, but also in the inherent obligation of all citizens to keep their living spaces safe and clean, the Tradition at Park’s Edge has been and will continue to abide by these rules.
There is an additional advantage to maintaining these spaces and it is self-serving.  Maintained property contributes to the value of personal property.  If the 33 acres of property now wholly owned by our homeowners remains clean and attractive, we are more likely to protect, and even enhance, the saleable value of our homes.
Bill Dimon, HOA President (c)  948-5496

Now that summer has arrived, it is a great time to take advantage of some of the outside opportunities here at the Traditions.   This year, I am seeing more and more people walking around our beautiful property.  If you walk the circuit around Phases 1, 2 and 3, the circumference of our total property is about a mile.  It is a great way to get your cardio in, visit with neighbors and also see the beauty that we have here at the Traditions. We are fortunate to have several berms on our property in Phase 1 along the walking path, which several residents have adopted.  They are putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into their projects.  It is definitely worth your time to just stop and admire the beauty.   Also in Phase 1, we have 20 vegetable gardens, which are filled with tomatoes, peppers and all sorts of other veggies.  This has been a popular addition to our community.  It is also a great place to meet neighbors and chat, and it was the venue for our Wine and Cheese Party in May.  In fact, the vegetable gardens have been such a success that other homeowner associations have asked for detailed descriptions and instructions to duplicate on their properties what we have done here. Have you tried walking along the fence line on Richmond Road?  I sometimes walk between the fence and the evergreens.  The fence is not only attractive to the people driving by but, while walking, you feel like you are on your own Kentucky horse farm! For those who are a little more ambitious in their walks, we are fortunate that our property borders Jacobson Park.  We have 3 locked gates through which you can enter the Park.  Indeed, not only are we are blessed with beautiful grounds here at the Traditions, but we also have a wonderful city park in which to walk.  It is both peaceful and scenic.  If you need the code for the gates (one code for all 3 gates), please contact one of the Board members. Another enjoyable outside activity is watching the sunset while sitting on one of the benches along the walking path.  At this time of year, the sun’s position gives us a spectacular sight. I do not have to tell you that we are fortunate to live here in Lexington, KY.  We are also blessed to live here at the Traditions.  Clearly, we have had to spend some money for some of the things that I have mentioned.  That has not only increased our property value, but has also added to our personal enjoyment and well-being.  If you are able to, but have not yet had the opportunity, I encourage you to put on your walking shoes, take a tour of the grounds, say hello to your neighbors and ENJOY what the Traditions has to offer. Hope to see you on the trail!
Ed Cupolo, HOA Vice President (h)  523-4148
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